“They say it’s to make them look smart”

Mary has to spend around 12 euros per brand sweater provided by the school. This new measure is a source of “financial misery” for him, as related Sunday,

And for good reason, the reasons for this investment are pure and simple aesthetic, which makes Mary green with anger. Under the new Middlesbrough school rules, children must wear school-branded sweaters and sports tops, which are only available from one supplier.

The elementary school gave each of its students a free sweater and top and set up a payment plan to help fund the rest. Mary has two children (Simon, seven, and James, eight) and so she has to spend twice as much, at least for a mark on a sweater.

“It will affect my finances, and next year they will cut aid,” she said. “I have two kids, but there are a lot of people in the school who have more kids. The school says it’s meant to make kids look smarter, but they already look too smart in their logoless sweaters. ,

Mary approached the school, which has already invested about £10,000 in sweaters. “They could spend more money on things like books, on kids.” She now refuses to buy any new uniforms unless strictly necessary.

“It’s going to cost a lot more people a lot at a time when it shouldn’t be.” In fact, Brexit binds and wars at the top in Ukraine, with no country spared from the rise in prices.

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The school has launched a second-hand uniform sale, where parents can buy used clothes for £1 per item, and says parents can apply for additional financial aid if needed.


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