This hostess named the four best seats on the board: Rai: Yatra: Lenta. 12

 This hostess named the four best seats on the board: Rai: Yatra: Lenta.  12

The flight attendant, known on social networks for posts about her profession, talked about which places she considered best to board the plane. Girl shared related video with him TIC Toc– Accounting.

So, the most comfortable in the economy class cabin, the four-seater hostess named C, D, A and G in the 49th row.

An airline employee clarified that all seats in the middle row may not be completely comfortable due to the tightness and proximity of fellow passengers on both sides, and that the seats at the window are not suitable for passengers who feel embarrassed due to necessity. Let’s get in touch with strangers.

The crew member also recalled, for example, that on the 41st and 57th rows, which are the last, the backs of the seats did not fall, and on the 30th and 44th rows, the hand luggage was impossible to place due to the location Is near the emergency exit.

Furthermore, according to him, seats in rows 30 to 41 are, as a rule, more densely filled, unlike the latter, where seats are more often vacant, and in rows 44 to 48, The flight can be unpleasant due to the proximity of the toilet room.

This leaves only four of the most suitable seats on the board.

Feb 15 ReportedA Russian hostess has revealed ways to get money back for a ticket purchased at a non-refundable rate. First, the flight attendant listed the reasons that the airline should, as a rule, refund the money spent to the passenger. So, we are talking about the illness of the traveler, as well as the ill health or death of a family member who is flying together.


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