This student is developing a phenomenal CV to join Red Bull: “I wanted to stand out from the others”

Cet étudiant élabore un CV jamais vu pour entrer chez Red Bull : "Je voulais me démarquer des autres"

To enter the company they want, young people do not hesitate to stand out with a very original CV. This was the case of Marceau Thévenin who applied to a communications agency by slipping his CV under the director’s mirror. to believe him in a pv, A week ago, this time Victor LaForge tried everything he could to get hired at Red Bull, was seen west france,

Master 1 student in Communication Media and Sport at Université Pantheon-Assas (Paris) has developed a CV-CAN for viewing. “I really wanted to stand out from the other candidates,” he explains. As can be seen in the images shared on his LinkedIn account, so the student reproduced the same can of energy drink. Except that instead of reading the composition of the drink, recruiters could read various information about the student. The young man had also thought of everything as he had included a QR code to scan so that they could get more information. ,

Eager to share the entirety of his vision with his network, the student then published a video where we see him depositing a can at Red Bull France headquarters. This, after taking a trip to Paris to recreate the shape of their logo.

He wasn’t raised at Red Bull, but…

If his creativity was praised in the comments, the student did not get the choice in the “sports” component, which he coveted. “Unfortunately, my spontaneous application to Red Bull was not working. The head of communications contacted me by email the next day saying they were not taking on a work-study contract”, he tells us. “I’m a little disappointed but still happy with their response along with my CV. Also, the reason for the refusal is only because of work-study status. I keep in touch with them for internships.”

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Currently, the inventive student is still looking for an apprenticeship in the world of sports from September 2022. “I would now like to turn to a .com agency specializing in sports or a major sports brand.” The young man explains to us that he has already received several offers and is investigating them.


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