This was India’s first AC train

Indian Railways is the fourth largest network in the world and the number of passengers who will never travel by train in the country will be very less. Now Indian Railways has become very modern and smart and the day of running bullet train in the country is not far away. Nowadays AC trains are not a new thing. But few people know when and how the first AC train ran in the country.

The first AC train in India ran about 92 years ago and it is surprising to hear that it is still running today. The name of this train was Frontier Mail. The train was started on 1st September, 1928 and was equipped with an AC bogie in 1934. At that time, the name of its former Punjab Express was changed to Frontier Mail. This train was special. Special technology was used to keep the coaches cool. Under the bogie, fans were placed over the snowflakes in a box. This kept the air inside cool.

This train was then running from Mumbai towards the Afghan border. British officers and freedom fighters also used to travel in this vehicle. It took him 72 hours to travel from Delhi, Punjab, Lahore to Peshawar and when the snow melted, the beach station was filled with new snow.

It is noteworthy that M. Gandhi and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose also traveled in this train. He had a reputation for never being late. In 1934, 11 months after the launch of the AC bogie, a notice was issued to the driver for being late. From 1930 to 1940, it had six carriages that could carry 450 passengers. It had facilities like food, newspapers, books, playing cards for first and second class passengers.

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After independence, now this train runs from Mumbai to Amritsar. In 1996, its name was changed to Golden Temple Mail.


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