Three leopards escaped – Safari Park overflowed – News – Life

Three leopards escaped - Safari Park overflowed - News - Life

Officials said the leopard fled from Hangzhou Safari Park on April 19 during a handover between the zukpeepers.

Source: Tanjag

Picture / Photo: Shutterstock / Ondrej Chwattle

Officials in East China used drones and hunting dogs to locate the last of the three leopards that had fled Safari Park, reports “AP”. Authorities have faced severe criticism for hiding information about the animal’s escape for more than two weeks.

Hangdou deputy mayor Wang Hong said police received a call that the leopard had been spotted last Thursday and Friday, but Safari Park drove anyone away.

Officials said Safari Park has not reported an exodus as it feared public advertising would reduce the number of visitors to the park during China’s five-day Labor Day. The delay in reporting the exodus led to criticism that Safari Park put people in danger, especially since there were large-scale animals during Labor Day, when large numbers of tourists come to Hangzhou.

Five officers, including Safari Park’s general manager and legal representative, were taken into police custody for questioning, and the park was temporarily closed, while safety and management issues are being considered.

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