Three travel trends that will dominate in 2023

Three travel trends that will dominate in 2023

purpose disconnection

Wellness will be a top priority for travelers in 2023, research from Expedia, and Vrbo, an online vacation rental site, shows, which has actually increased by 30% this year. Travelers are now turning to trips during which they feel harmony, peaceful and meaningful. Among the most popular activities is silvotherapy, which involves performing forest bathLaughter Yoga or harvesting of fruits.

In the video, the flygascum trend:

Travel inspired by movies and series

More and more tourists are finding their next destination by watching a movie, series or documentary. According to an Expedia study, fiction ranks second among sources of inspiration to travel, with 20% of responses, behind advice and recommendations from those around us. If You’re a Hardcore Game of Thrones Fan, You’ll Want to Fly to M Dinah maltaWhere many scenes were shot. Fans of The Crown might want to visit Scotland, Wales or London.

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major cultural cities in vogue

Major cultural cities are seeing a strong return of tourists. The study actually states that “commuters are hungry for urban excitement”. After seeking the peace and quiet of wide open spaces, the trend will reverse next year… However, some cities are starting with Edinburgh in Scotland. The city ranks first among the most searched cities on the Internet. Classification is accomplished by LisbonDublin, New York, Sydney, Dubai, Montreal, Munich and Bangkok.

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These large cities can be the subject of a city-trip or a stage during a long journey. They are an opportunity for cultural visits, shopping trips, walks in parks and other green spaces, while enjoying a lively atmosphere!

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