Time change is this weekend: but why the hell is it maintained?


It was supposed to disappear in 2021. This will be implemented till further notice.

The transition to summer time will take place this weekend on the nights of Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th March. At exactly two o’clock the clocks will have to be moved forward by one hour, that is, to sleep one hour less. From this Sunday, the sun will rise and later set, to the delight of lovers of drinks on the terrace and bathed in evening light.

The time change as we know it in Belgium today is 1977. At the time, it was an invention intended to enable the population to save energy through natural lighting. But changing times not only bring happiness to people. It actually cries more and more for its negative effects on our body.

According to opponents of time change, putting our clocks back in winter and moving them forward in winter would be at the core of our biological clock’s disturbances. Studies point to more serious effects. In 2016, researchers found that the number of heart attacks was higher on the Monday after switching to summer time.


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