“to be arrested, killed or conquered”

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President Jair Bolsonaro during an evangelical service in Goiânia, Brazil. he said That there are three possibilities for his future: “to be arrested, to be killed or to win”.

Bolsonaro, who is 66 years old and has been president since 2018, has been in trouble for some time now. The mismanagement of the pandemic has led to a sharp decline in its support and investigation. who has influenced more its popularity. In these nearly three years of government, Bolsonaro has had to change his ministers several times due to controversies and resignations, and in recent days conflicts with judicial officials have also escalated.

In the run-up to the 2022 presidential election, Bolsonaro is at a significant disadvantage compared to former President Lula, That after the culprits of corruption are canceled, they will be able to apply again.. In recent days, Bolsonaro has repeatedly attacked the Brazilian Election Commission, expressing doubts about the legality of the electronic voting system and saying he cannot recognize the outcome of the next elections in the event of a defeat.

After sentencing on three possibilities, Bolsonaro said he would “never be arrested” because no one would have the courage to do so and that his life “depends on God”.

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