To discuss World Sleep Day and distribute sleep information to the world. World Sleep Day Today: Restful Sleep, Healthy Life

World Sleep Day Today: நிம்மதியான உறக்கம், ஆரோக்கியமான வாழ்க்கை

New Delhi: Sleep is one of the most important factors in determining health. Today is World Sleep Day. This day is celebrated with the aim of creating awareness about the importance of sleep for all in the world.

A day is celebrated as World Sleep Day as a symbol of discussing sleep-related information, disseminating information about sleep, and integrating various services.

World Sleep Day is celebrated every year in the second week of March. Therefore, the day World Sleep Day is observed varies from year to year. This day has been observed by the World Medical Organization since 2008.

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Celebrating the benefits of healthy, better sleep and sleep problem, And the purpose of observing this day is to bring the community to the medical, educational and social perspectives of it, and to promote the prevention and management of sleep disorders.

World Sleep Day falls on the Friday of the second full week of March. The first sleep day was celebrated on 14 March 2008. sleep Related discussions, as well as educational exhibitions are held on this day.

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This year marks the 14th anniversary of World Sleep Day. This year’s theme is ‘Regular Sleep, Healthy Future’.
The value of sleep cannot be underestimated. Sleep is associated with many physiological systems. Sleep quality, memory integration, inflammation control, Hormones Regulation determines cardiovascular regulation and many other important functions.

Lack of adequate sleep, even if it is not quality sleep, can have a detrimental effect on physical health. Lack of sleep has been found to cause cognitive and administrative deficits.
It should be noted that poor sleep is associated with mental health.

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