Today Jiaoxue Numerologist: The Elite Destiny Of The 5 Chinese Zodiacs Is Hot

Today Jiaoxue Numerologist: The Elite Destiny Of The 5 Chinese Zodiacs Is Hot

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Cold and high pressure affected Taiwan today (22), and the weather has noticeably cooled, and it has started raining in some areas. Today there is also “light snow” in 24 solar terms. Qiu Yanlong, an international star feng shui numerology expert, said that although it was cool after a light snow it is tempting, but the colder the place, the richer it is for wealth. Consider this period to improve your intelligence and focus on health preservation. Not only can it be easier to be a great person to others, but you are also likely to receive great blessings.

The teacher of numerology told that after the light snowfall of the Sun planet, the fate of 5 Chinese zodiac signs will rise. (inverse from sketch/unsplash)

Today is “light snow” in 24 solar terms. Due to a frontal attack and cold air moving south, it will be wet and cold later tonight, and the minimum temperature will drop 12 degrees from tonight to tomorrow morning. Feng Shui and numerology expert Qiu Yanlong reports that after a light snowfall, the five zodiac signs of Bull, Tiger, Snake, Monkey and Rabbit will have more luck and wisdom, making it easier to hold valuables with others. But remember, to make promises to others, you must keep your promises and do them truthfully, and you will not leave you.

Qiu Yanlong Xiaosu lists the five most prosperous zodiac signs in the solar period (22 November to 7 December):

No. 5: Rabbit

Those who belong to the Rabbit should take the initiative in this solar period to help others, especially close relatives and family members, in exchange for their personal help; In addition, it is recommended to increase the dimension of thinking and money, which can promote wealth and allow big and small money to come in. As long as you maintain a positive attitude and don’t be lazy, riches and wealth will follow.

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No. 4: Monkey

The monkey people will be especially favored by God during this period. As long as they are willing to give, they will eventually be rewarded. This is a good time to do good and accumulate virtue. Although the money may feel a little low, they will want to fight for the cause, said Qiu Yanlong, reasonable struggle can be achieved during this period, but remember to be someone else’s great man first, and then the great man is yours. will help.

&# x0063f4;,才能有正向回應,獲得他 Pixabay)

The numerology teacher reminded that before you can give positive feedback and get help from others, you must provide help. (image/pixabay)

Number 3: Snake

People who belong to the Snake, though there will be interruptions or changes in career and work during this period, but your noble person will appear in the circle of brothers, sisters, friends and colleagues, and will think and plan for you in future. Help comes slowly, that’s right, it will help a lot going forward. Have happy mood and positive attitude, work hard to earn money, good money income and luck will come.

Number 2: Tiger

For those who belong to the tiger, in the time of Jiaoxue, brothers, sisters, classmates and friends will hide your nobles, and help you with your wealth and popularity. Religious believers, even God will be your noble, remember to help you, a good accumulator of virtue can double the wealth.

No. 1: Cow

Those who are related to the bull tend to work quietly during this time, trying to be selfless towards others, and nobles will come next to them, and wealth, knowledge and good fortune will follow. During this period, it is expected that the efforts made before the harvest are showing the sweet fruits, remember to maintain your original intentions and move forward boldly.

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