Toddler was shot as he confronted Nantario police against the kidnapping accused’s father

Toddler was shot as he confronted Nantario police against the kidnapping accused's father

There was a 1 year old boy Killed After Thursday Canadian Ntntario Provincial Police Shot at a vehicle driven by his father, who is accused of kidnapping a toddler.

The second number dies after the second AFL shooting

The man was shot by police, but the report survived. According to VIS News.

The province’s special investigative unit wrote in a letter that the old 33-year-old father was “rushed to hospital in critical condition.” Statement. “There was a 1-year-old boy inside the pickup truck. He suffered gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene.”

Officers did not identify the boy or his father. While police were investigating the abduction, the suspect’s truck collided with a police cruiser, hitting an officer outside the car. Officers were called at 8:45 a.m. on a complaint of domestic unrest

Cowertha Lakes Mayor Andy Latham Told the National Post That his community is in “distrust” and that OPP’s work is much appreciated.

Provincial Police Commissioner Thomas Carrick said in a tweet that the York Regional Police would assist in other parts of the shooting investigation.

The officer, who is being treated at Toronto’s Sunny Brook Hospital, is in stable condition, he noted.

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“I say (SIU) and (York Police) will be given time to investigate, because they arose without any speculation about the events.” “Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are suffering today.”

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