Tooth loss: Surgery to lose weight.. 33 year old woman lost 32 teeth..!

Woman Facing Teeth Complications After Gastric Bypass.. (2)

American woman experiencing tooth loss: Many obese people aspire to be thin and lean. It is okay to be fat but it is difficult to be overweight. Some people have surgery to lose weight. But not all these surgeries are successful and some suffer. They have a lot of incidents where they have to deal with each other in a variety of side effects. In Ikram, a young woman is undergoing surgery to lose weight and has to go to the dentist. With the surgery came side effects and all the teeth (teeth) were blown out and I had to go to the dentist.

Similar is the case with 33-year-old Kathy Blatty of Michigan, USA. Had surgery to lose the extra weight. The weight was also reduced a lot. In this way the weight of 57 kg was reduced. But another problem came and went. The matter came to light when Kathy Blyth posted on social media.

Kathy Blyth is 33 years old now. She is overweight and underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2011 at the age of 22. The result was a weight loss of 57 kg. She had no side effects until two years after the surgery. Everything is fine. But at the age of 24, he started having dental problems. The teeth lost their strength and began to erupt one by one. So he lost 32 teeth. Brushing every tooth..meeting his dental specialists..taxing has become the same thing for him whenever he has had a tax shock. So ‘it’s enough to brush the teeth for more than eight years.

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“I spent a lot of money taking care of my teeth over the past 8 years,” she said. I didn’t have any dental problems before the surgery. This problem started only after the surgery. Eventually the dentures had to be clamped. Kathy went viral on social media after posting about her experience on Tic Tac Toe. So..people who undergo surgery to lose extra weight, they have to consult a specialist ten times a day? is to be determined.


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