Toronto re-founder, COVID arrested for violating sanctions

Toronto re-founder, COVID arrested for violating sanctions

a Restaurant In Toronto the owner has been arrested for repeatedly trying to denounce the city’s ban on dining inside the city, even entering his own organization and leaving the door open for customers.

Adam Scanley, owner of the Ad Adam Mason barbecue, was charged with mischief and police obstruction – in addition to several other crimes – in connection with his repeated attempts to evade Toronto. Current coronavirus restrictions For restaurant and bar owners expanded in mid-December, according to orders announced earlier this month.

Scaley, 33, reopened his restaurant on Monday, the first for indoor dining Toronto Star Reports. He later took to Twitter to say that customers should “show up again on Tuesday for illegal indoor dining, in an attempt to show up.” [Toronto Premier Doug Ford] WHO nt runs Ontario. ”

Adam Scalli, an Adamson barbecue in Toronto, Nt.
(Getty Images by Cole Burston / AFP)

Customers ate inside the Adamson barbecue again on Tuesday, although Toronto police responded, according to Star reports. The public health department later closed the restaurant at the end of its business day, according to the outlet.


Scaley reopened Wednesday, with crowds of supporters and protesters standing outside the restaurant. Officers changed the locks Thursday morning in response.

However, Scaly arrived at the rest restaurant Runt on Thursday and told Toronto Sun reporter Joe Warmington that he has every intention of reopening for lunch that day. (He had previously written on Twitter that he was actively searching One locked To meet him at the restaurant.)

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Later that day, Scaly was “allowed to enter a part of the building where there was no access to the restroom rent to get any private goods. But from there, Scalley and his staff broke down the wall separating the area from the dining room (this was footage) Shared on a friend’s Facebook account), And police allowed customers inside while trying Hold the crowd.

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Scalley was eventually handcuffed from his restaurant, and is due to appear at a bail hearing on Friday. Toronto Sun. Reports.

He faces a number of charges, including injustice, obstruction of police and denial of provincial COVID-19 sanctions. Supporters have already launched a GoFundMe account to help with Scale’s legal bills.

The Toronto Star reports that another man was also charged with six counts of assaulting a police officer during a commotion surrounding Thursday’s events.

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There is a Toronto restaurant Currently banned By offering in-person dining, and only as per the protocol put forward by the Nantario Re-Ontario Act, can only work for withdrawal, delivery or drive-through.


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