Traveling southwest, Eric Zemor finds an egg on the head (VIDEO)

Traveling southwest, Eric Zemor finds an egg on the head (VIDEO)

Far-right candidate Eric Zemour recorded the rally of Romain López, a close friend of Marion Maréchal, RN mayor of Moissac (Tarn-et-Garonne), during a trip to the southwest on Saturday, which began with an egg Which was slammed by a man. on his head.

,I trust his point of view. I connect to her quite naturally (…) I wasn’t going to be at a party that forgot what Marion brought“, Mr. Lopez, declared the first councilor to head a large RN municipality, has attended Candidate Reconquest!, during a press conference at his town hall with Eric Zemour and Marion Marechal.I am still a member of RN. I will not follow the reconquest! (…) I consider myself a DVD mayor (of the movement) today “Miscellaneous Rights”Ed) and more RN“, added Mr. Lopez who strongly criticized RN’s strategy and absence”.of internal democracy“Team.

Marion Marechlu’s former briefcase

At 33, Romain López is the former parliamentary attaché to Marion Maréchal, niece of Marine Le Pen.

,Romaine is a symbol of the local success of the national camp.“, congratulated Mr. Zamour.

AFP noted that Mr Jamore, barely getting out of his car, was targeted by a fresh egg that a middle-aged man slammed into his head. The author was immediately subdued by security and then taken away by gender.

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