Trudeau: Canada is already in the second wave of coronavirus

Trudeau: Canada is already in the second wave of coronavirus

For Canada’s four largest provinces, Trudeau said a second wave of Covid-19 is underway.

Growing monstrous background: Trudeau has warned of a further climb in the Canadian Covid-19 case, a major setback that follows the country’s success in pinning an earlier turn in the epidemic.

Trudeau noted that back on March 13 when the country went into lockdown there were 47 new cases of the virus reported. “Yesterday alone, we were well over a thousand,” Trudeau said, adding that Abha appeared on the TV screen in a dark suit and tie in front of four Canadian flags and a desk.

Canada’s top doctor warned this week that the only way to stop the spread of acceleration is if everyone works to apply the brakes.

Chief Public Health The Fisher Theresa Tame said, “My message today is time. “Our actions right now are crucial to controlling the development of the epidemic.”

Officials said on Wednesday that an average of 1,123 cases were reported per day in Canada over the past seven days, compared to just 380 cases per day in mid-August.

Trudeau Government’s New Covid-19 Plan: The TV show came just hours after a lengthy political address – the speech of Trudeau’s government.

Like the State of the Union addresses in the United States, Canada’s Throne Speech highlights the high-level policy direction and principles of the government.

Trudeau’s Throne speech outlined his minority government’s updated plan to address the economic and health damage of the coronavirus. Without giving price tags, it pledged to invest heavily in strong sectors such as the economy, social security net, environmental protection and labor force.

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The prime minister used most of his time on TV to promote his government’s new plan. He also made his government’s efforts to date to deal with the epidemic health and economic crisis.


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