Trump: ‘From my personal point of view, this is a huge victory’

Trump: 'From my personal point of view, this is a huge victory'

Former US President Donald Trump finds the mid-term results “kind of disappointing” but sees it as a personal success. Most of the candidates he supported won, telling the Truth Social portal that he co-founded. “Who has done better,” he said. Trump said, ‘It’s a huge victory from my personal point of view.

Yet the former president didn’t look so “happy” the morning after the election. According to one of his advisors, quoted anonymously by CNN Star reporter Jim Acosta, Trump was ‘flaming’ and ‘shouting at everyone’,

It is true that major Trump supporters have been left behind or lost in a tight election race. The candidates he supported have done particularly well in areas where Republicans are generally popular.

In the state of Pennsylvania, his protégé Mehmet Oz lost in a race for a seat in the Senate. In Georgia’s senatorial election, it’s a runoff between Trump supporter Herschelle Walker and incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock. Counting of votes is still going on in Arizona.

Note that Republican Ron DeSantis could be re-elected governor of Florida. He is considered Trump’s biggest contender for the Republican bid for the 2024 presidential election.

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