Trump impeachment trial begins in Trump Senate impeachment followup

 Trump impeachment trial begins in Trump Senate impeachment followup

Washington: Senate has begun voting on impeachment motion against former US President Donald Trump. Lawyers by Bruce L. Custer Jr. and David Schoen represented Trump in the Senate.

Lawyers argue that impeachment of Trump is not legal because he has resigned. Therefore, they argue that impeachment is a challenge to Trump’s freedom of expression. The House of Representatives passed a impeachment motion against Trump on 6 January to incite its followers to attack the Capitol Hill building. The Democratic Party passed the resolution by a majority in the House of Representatives. Ten Republicans voted against Trump that day.

Impeachment was considered by the Senate on 25 January. The Republicans decided to begin proceedings on 9 February.

Impeachment requires two-thirds of the Senate’s support. Currently Democratic-Republican members are equally represented. Impeachment can only take place with the support of 17 Republican senators. Political observers conclude that this will not happen.

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