Trump publicly endorsed party politicians for the first time since he stepped down. Arizona Republican party

 Trump publicly endorsed party politicians for the first time since he stepped down.  Arizona  Republican party

[24 जनवरी, 2021 को एपोच टाइम्स न्यूज़](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Lin Yan) United StatesArizonaSaturday (23 January)Republican PartyIn party elections, re-elect former presidentLikeKelly Ward, an important supporter of (Trump), was again elected as chairman. It is also the first time Trump has publicly supported party leaders in the form of audio since he stepped down.

according to thisArizonaRepublican PartyThe spokesman said Ward stood out in the presidential election and won by a narrow margin in the second round of voting. He defeated rival, business man Sergio Arellano (Sergio Arellano).

Ward is a doctor and a former state congressman. She lost to her party’s opponents in two Congress senator primaries, but this time she defeated three contestants and retained the presidency.

He played the role of former presidentLikeSupport audio pre-recorded. Trump said: “I gave him (Ward) full support, be it the Second Amendment or many other things, such as supporting the military and election integrity, he has done a great job.

This is the first public support from party politicians since Trump stepped down as 20th president.

Audio of Trump has repeatedly heard applause from supporters in the field.

Ward: I’m a Trump-style Republican

In a brief interview on Thursday (21st), Ward stated that she is a “Trump-style Republican” and that she “will always put America first and believe in faith, family and freedom.” He said the Republican Party’s path is to continue to include Trump’s 74 million voters.

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Ward said, “I will maintain a positive attitude towards these things, because these are what make this country great.” He asked Republicans not to call and complain, but to act.

However, Ward’s detractors say his approach would push prominent Republican voters for Democrats, particularly suburban women with college degrees.

Ward and several other Republicans still question the state’s 2020 election results. Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden (Joe Biden) and Democratic Senator Mark Kelly won the state’s highest vote.

Arizona is a traditional Republican state. President Biden became the second Democratic presidential candidate to win the state in more than 50 years. The 2018 and 2020 elections also controlled Democrats for the first time in nearly 70 years. The state has two seats. US Senate.

Arizona is a major swing state in the general election and one of two states that was challenged during a joint session of Congress on January 6. Trump’s campaign, private lawyers, Ward and other Republicans have sued the state’s governor and secretary for election fraud, but the court rejected eight lawsuits.

Arizona Republican Party condemns Governor’s misconduct

The Wall Street Journal reported that the rift between the establishment and pro-Trump parties in Arizona has increased not only because committee members elected Ward to re-election, but also condemned Republican Governor Doug Ducey.), Cindy The actions of McCain (former senator, widow. Republican presidential candidate John McCain in 2008) and former federal Republican senator Jeff Flake (Jeff Flake).

Members of the Republican Party believe that Dishi has highly restricted people’s lives and business activities in the name of the epidemic, while Cindy became a staunch supporter of Biden and Democrats because of dissatisfaction with Trump criticizing her husband Flare up during his tenure. Senator, he criticized Trump several times for not sticking to his values. Last year, he announced his support for Biden in a high-profile manner and threatened to leave the party.

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“The election cycle has exposed a lot of nepotism in our party from top to bottom,” Ward criticized Dussi and other establishment figures.

However, Ward also downplayed the importance of the party’s condemnation, saying that it does not prevent anyone from running for office as a Republican.

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