‘Trump ruined America’ … what the ‘Washington riot’ made, turned its back

 'Trump ruined America' ... what the 'Washington riot' made, turned its back

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Trump’s allies, allies, etc.
Senator Tom Token “It’s time to drop Trump and accept defeat”
Trump’s aide Graham also “approved as President Biden.”

There was anarchy throughout America, including four deaths in the process by supporters of US President Donald Trump attacking the Washington DC Capitol, and even loyalists who supported President Trump without recognizing Biden’s victory Was. It is an environment that changes the world.

On the 6th (local time), political media Politico stated, “The scene in which supporters of the outgoing president break parliamentary windows and injure lawmakers and judges has become an irreversible stain in American history.” People who have been classified as my Trumpists are also criticizing Trump, who is responsible for many situations, ”he said.

Supporters of President Donald Trump, who faced police in Congress outside the Senate’s main hall at the Capitol in Washington DC, United States, on the 6th (local time). The Senate and House of Representatives were scheduled to hold a joint meeting on this day to certify the victory of President-Elect Joe Biden, but the meeting was held for six hours due to the unprecedented incident of protesters invading the Capitol Adjourned and resumed. / Ap yonhap news

In fact, in a campaign near the White House that day, President Trump repeated his claim that he won the last presidential election, “We will never lose or surrender.” “We hope Mike Pence (vice president) does the right thing. Then we win.” Vice President Pence, who is also the Senate President, created leadership and continued pressure to reverse the election results.

“We’re going to walk along Pennsylvania Boulevard. I like this route a lot,” Trump said, “We go to Congress.” It has been reported that Pennsylvania Boulevard is the road between the White House and the Capitol, and in fact, President Trump provoked supporters gathered there to go to Congress and continue the protest.

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As a result, even allies supporting President Trump for four years are turning their mouths. “We will take all responsibility for the case,” Stephanie Grisham, who was President Trump’s first female secretary and longest-time aide, and Politico said that both national security advisors and staffers are considering resigning.

Even President Trump’s aide, Senator Tom Token, insisted that it was time for President Trump to accept his defeat. Even Senator Lindsey Graham, one of Trump’s closest allies, has called for Biden-elect to be approved as the next president. He also said, “President Trump and I have been on a long journey together,” and “Now, get me out, I did enough.”

Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers, who have seen the worst invasion of the Capitol in the history of the US Constitution, criticized President Trump, saying “is a garbage thing that only happens in the Banana Republic.” Banana Republic is a sarcastic term for countries in Central and South America that rely on the export of primary products such as bananas and face political anxiety due to corruption.

Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher, who supported President Trump, tweeted, “We’re seeing absolutely no garbage in the US Capitol right now in Banana Republic. President Trump, you have to stop it.” Republican Speaker Liz Cheney also alleged on her Twitter that “there is no doubt that the president organized the mob, the president agitated the mob, and spoke to the mob. The president lit the fire.”


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