Trump’s attacks on the vote count follow a dictatorial playbook

Trump's attacks on the vote count follow a dictatorial playbook

Trump’s efforts to brand legal election practices as fraud and use the courts – one pillar in the country’s democratic architecture – to interfere in the counting of votes – the other pillar – are long-standing examples of his weak view of democracy. .

“Close the count!” Trump blessed Twitter on Thursday, deploying lawyers on long-term bidding to stop the counting of ballots in Nevada and Pennsylvania. Election College The votes of any state can now solve the presidential election.

As president, Trump has sought to personalize and control the three branches of government to varying degrees. His -p-down approach is far less comprehensive than what Putin and other dictators admire, and Trump has joked about how easy those leaders are.

At home, Putin has gradually consolidated power and undermined the independence of the judiciary and the legislature. Critics have accused him of enriching himself in office fees and changing laws to suit himself and his family. He has assured that he can stay in power till 2036. One particular point of his dealings with the West, however, is that he draws attention to the international rules and procedures that he claims Russia follows and others do not.

Like Putin, Trump adopts a selective approach to the rule of law that suits his so-called benefits, said Angela Stant, a professor at Georgetown University. “Putin’s world: Russia against the West and the rest of the people.”

“In Russia, the law turns to the will of those in power,” Stant said. “And we’ve seen a desire under Trump, for example, to oppose the Department of Justice for the American people to make the Department of Justice their Department of Justice. He will choose a system where the laws apply differently depending on where he is in power. “

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The president doesn’t have that system but he often behaves the way he does, Stant and others said.

With his re-election this year, Trump has unjustifiably called for Biden, former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the 2011 Democrat nominee, and many other Democrats to be prosecuted or imprisoned.

He rep. House impeachment manager. Adam b. Shif (D-California) has been found guilty and the investigation has been deemed fraudulent.

He called on Attorney General William P. to pursue a political investigation or action. Barr publicly leaned on the bar and complained that Burma did not do enough to deliver the results of an investigation into how the Obama administration and the Obama administration were investigating the conspiracy between Russia and the Trump campaign. Trump wanted that report before the Nov. 3 election.

Burr has this job because Trump complained that Burr’s predecessor, Jeff Sessions, could not block a special prosecutor’s investigation into the relationship between Russia and Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Sessions said he has complied with the rule of law.

Trump was called alive and the sessions were called “weak.”

“Where’s my Roy Cohen?” He gave sadness to the assistant and friends, referring to the very ruthless lawyer of New York.

Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who died in September, was foolish about the reasons for wanting to quickly replace his replacement. He said his nominee would have time in the High Court to hear any election-related cases. Judge Amy Connie Barrett was confirmed last month.

The group used federal authorities to clear protesters from a park in front of the White House in June, calling the group anarchist mobs.

But he sidestepped threats from his supporters, refusing to directly condemn the Proud Boys or protesters who stormed the Michigan legislature earlier this year. Corona virus Epidemic controls.

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Trump also questioned the federal investigation into the alleged kidnapping plot against the Democratic governor of Michigan, saying people should have a “right” to decide for themselves whether the alleged conspirators are guilty of anything.

The Biden campaign bus was surrounded by a convoy of supporters on the Texas Highway last week and Trump cheered them on after a delay.

“In my opinion, these patriots have done nothing wrong,” Trump said in a tweet Sunday. “Instead, the FBI and the judiciary should investigate terrorists, anarchists and Antifa protesters.”

Now, with Biden behind the Electoral College vote, Trump has made a baseless claim that the delay in counting the remaining ballots represents an attempt to steal the election. His campaign is arguing to stop the counts in some states where additional ballots are likely to benefit Biden but to continue it or to count the votes among others where Trump could make the ground running.

Before the election, Trump insisted that the result must be on election day for fear of “fraud.” Now colleagues like former adviser Kelly Conway argue that in some states there is no rush to “count every legal vote”.

Trump tweeted on Thursday that “recently all Biden claimed that we would be legally challenged for voter fraud and state election fraud.”

Unlike previous large-scale voter fraud allegations, he provided no evidence.

Biden’s campaign lawyer Bob Bauer said Trump’s claims “amount to attempts to misrepresent what is happening in the election process.”

Certainty is not irrelevant to Putin and other officials because they are accustomed to controlling the government’s levers through dichotomy, said Evelyn Farkas, a senior defense expert on Russia and its territory under Obama.

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“The Russian mentality is, ‘Any truth that works for you in that moment is the truth that you accept in that moment.'” Farkas said. “It doesn’t matter if you say something different in two minutes. You call that second truth for your immediate need, and your followers have no concern. “

Trump has made it a condition for his supporters to accept his claims as face value, or entertain some of his foreign suggestions, Farkas said.

“Picking up your facts is not a new idea with Trump,” Farkas said. “He learned something from Putin.”

Trump can’t believe he will judge past judges on whether any of his election complaints are justified, said Andrea Gillespie, a professor of political science at the James Weldon Johnson Institute at Emory University and a professor of race difference.

In places like Georgia, Trump can’t really try to win on the strength of his legal arguments, he said. A judge threw the Trump challenge into the state on Thursday.

“This is an appeal to the court of public opinion on its basis,” Gillespie said. “He wants to maintain a certain posture of power, that is, to be in front of those powers. And he has supporters who already intend to agree with him, who have doubts about bureaucracy and the ‘deep state’. ”

Trump has claimed that the state-of-the-art cables of career government employees are thwarting his political agenda, and he has repeatedly complained about “liberal judges” or “Obama judges.”

“It tells the story he created about fighting an array of enemies,” Gillespie said. “The problem occurs when rhetoric comes into contact with facts.”


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