Trump’s home search: an important court document to be released soon

Trump's home search: an important court document to be released soon

A US judge has ordered the publication of a document recovered during a search at Donald Trump’s Florida home. He can explain the reasons for this discovery.

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YouA US judge on Thursday ordered the publication of a court document setting out the reasons for a recent search by the Federal Police (FBI) of former President Donald Trump’s Florida home, while admitting that the text was heavily edited should go.

The document, believed to detail the reasons that prompted the Justice Ministry to investigate and which may reveal the identities of some actors in the case, was released on Friday at 12:00PM (4:00PM GMT) should be made public, decided Federal Judge Bruce Reinhart.

But most of these elements will probably remain secret, with Mr. Reinhart accepting the request from the Justice Ministry, which argued that there is a “compelling” need to revise important parts of the document in the interest of the investigation.

On Monday, Bruce Reinhart ordered that the account be released at least partially, citing unprecedented public interest in the search for the home of a former US president. Officials opposed its release, saying it “would need to be revised so extensively that the rest of the leaked text would not contain any significant material.”

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hundreds of confidential documents

On August 8, the FBI raided Donald Trump’s residence, Mar-a-Lago in Florida, confiscating boxes of confidential documents that Republicans had not returned to public officials, despite several requests.

Donald Trump, who flirts with the idea of ​​a candidacy for the 2024 presidential election, doesn’t have strong enough words to condemn the discovery, which he sees as a depiction of a “witch hunt.”

On Thursday, the tycoon once again claimed his innocence on his Truth social network, accusing “radical left-wing Democratic prosecutors” of “illegally raiding (his) home.”

“They even broke my safe, an unspeakable act! “He was annoyed.


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