Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate was postponed

Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate was postponed

Democrat leaders wanted to begin impeachment trials of former President Donald Trump in the Senate next week. And Republicans have called for a delay in the start of the lawsuit. Trial is set to begin in February. This will be Trump’s second impeachment case. In that case, he would be the first person to be tried in the Senate as a former president. The British media BBC reported this.

Democrats have filed a impeachment motion in the House of Representatives to oust the outgoing president following a recent attack by Trump supporters in the Capitol. On 13 January, he voted against the motion. The motion was passed by 232–198 votes. 10 Republicans also supported it. This is the second time Trump has been inducted into the lower house of Congress. The motion should be sent to the Senate for final impeachment. It has to be passed by two-thirds of the votes after the trial.

According to the BBC, Democrats will send impeachment articles against Donald Trump to the Senate on Monday. But the hearing will not start until 8 February. His lawyers will be given two weeks to make a statement in favor of Trump.

No such action has been taken against any other president before. If convicted, he will not run for office in the future and will not be able to run in the election.

A second lawsuit against Trump begins when the Senate acquits him of allegations of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The House of Representatives accused Joe Biden and his son of launching an investigation to pressure Ukraine.

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Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s office said he is pleased that Schumer accepted Trump’s request to allow some more time before the trial begins.

Earlier, Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer said the impeachment motion would be tabled in the Senate on Monday. Donate will conduct Senate trial on Trump’s impeachment. This will be a completely impartial judicial process.


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