Trump’s son reacted to Biden’s offense and fell out with this video

Trump's son reacted to Biden's offense and fell out with this video
The recording shared on your Twitter account lasts for 10 seconds. Photo: Video Capture, Twitter / @ DonaldJTrumpJr

Donald trump jr, The eldest son of the former president of the United States, shared a video edited on his personal Twitter account on Friday in which he stumbled and fell by the current US president, Joe Biden, As he climbed the stairs to climb air Force One.

It should be noted that andPresident Biden slipped three times and fell to his knees While boarding a presidential plane to fly to Atlanta

  • Images of the President falling in the middle of the stairs, The scene was captured by the media present.

What is the story of donald trump jr video?

After the Joe Biden incident became known, Donald trump jr, Shares a length of just 10 seconds of clip, in which he makes fun of the situation.

In edited pictures shared by the tycoon’s elder son, S.He appreciates his father when he plays golf And, after hitting a ball, it “Gets hit” The head of Biden When he climbs on Air Force One.

  • View Repeats a couple more times, Until the US President collapses down the stairs.

It was not air, friends“Publication says Donald Trump jr., Which has generated more than 136 thousand responses, as well as retweeted more than 31 thousand times.

Why did Donald Trump Jr. talk about air?

post event, white House Mentioned that the fall of the President The us This was because there would be too much wind. still, Trump jr. Shared another tweet, showing screenshots of the weather, in which, once again, he made fun of the stumbling block, as well as the physical condition of the US president.

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