Tunisia. Covid-19: Complex of fourth wave of contagion due to measures taken

  Tunisia.  Covid-19: Complex of fourth wave of contagion due to measures taken

#tunisia : While the time has come to open borders in many countries, the situation in Tunisia is not improving. Due to some measures, we are concerned about the fourth wave of Kovid-19 infection.

One thing is certain, with Sars-Cov-2, there is no point in opening up a country’s borders until its population has reached a certain threshold of vaccination. Tunisia is a textbook affair. After being one of the best countries in terms of managing the Covid-19 pandemic during the first 5 months after the first case was reported in Tunisia in February 2020, even by the World Organization for Health (WHO) Welcoming, Tunisia had decided to open its borders to revive economic activity, especially the tourism sector, one of the lungs of the Tunisian economy.

The rest, we know. The infection has spread and the country has already faced 3 waves of contagion which has taken it to 3. placed onI The rank of the most affected countries on the African continent in terms of both the number of infections and the number of deaths.

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And unfortunately, since the last relief in the sanitary conditions given to the passengers, the infection has been spreading again. Thus, on the day of June 3, 1,925 new cases were registered and 73 deaths occurred. More worryingly, these cases were reported for only 6,638 tests, which has a positivity rate for COVID-19 of 29%, which is currently the highest in the world. By comparison, on the same day, Morocco identified 395 new cases out of 8,770 tests conducted, i.e. a positivity rate of 4.5%.

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Certain exemptions, including a waiver of PCR testing and imprisonment for vaccinated travelers arriving in Tunisia, while no vaccine provides 100% immunity, have been strongly criticized. In fact, no study proves that vaccinated people are not carriers of the coronavirus and are therefore not an infectious agent. Thus, the consequences of this measure could be similar to June 2020 when the country suddenly opened its borders while taking necessary precautions. .

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Faced with worsening infections, health officials are concerned that a 4I There is a wave of contagion in the country at a time when the announcements of opening the border are increasing everywhere. This fear is justified by the increase in the number of cases reported in recent days in view of several African countries including Uganda, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), South Africa …

And for fear of a new surge in infections and deaths, Hechmi Louzir does not hesitate to show the possibility of establishing a new normal confinement in case the situation does not develop favorably. And it calls into question the behavior of the Tunisian population which is not helping to cope with the pandemic. Apart from not wearing a mask, physical distancing is not being followed anywhere.

The fact is that, if this scenario of normal recombination is possible from a social point of view, from the point of view of health officials, it would be difficult to accept by the population. But very divided political leaders, who do not help coordinate efforts to fight the pandemic, will not risk such an unpopular decision.

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As a result, Tunisian health authorities have decided to intensify their vaccination campaign, especially since Tunisians are now ready to be vaccinated as evidenced by the number of people registered on the platform dedicated to this campaign, which registered more than 2.05 million. is.

According to Hechmi Louzir, the vaccination campaign will be intensified when the new batch of vaccine arrives. 1.05 lakh people 1 after reaching vaccination milestone 1is June 2021, the chairman of the Steering Committee of the National Immunization Campaign insisted that the country should vaccinate 30,000 people per day. Pharmacists will be called to speed up the pace.

At this point, it should be noted that Morocco is an example to follow. During the last 7 days – from 26 May to 3 June – the Kingdom managed to deliver 1.51 million doses. And since the start of the campaign, 8.96 million doses have been given and 5.8 million people have been fully vaccinated.

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At the same time, Tunisia received 3 oxygen production units, according to the President of Tunisia, according to an agreement concluded between the head of state Kaas Said and French President Emmanuel Macron. The Presidency which also directed the Military Health Directorate to take care of patients affected by COVID-19 in Sidi Bouzid and transfer them to military hospitals in Tunis, Gabes and Sfax.

Tunisia has ordered 11.7 million doses of anti-Covid-19 vaccines from the Covax apparatus and international laboratories. The country has received a total of 16 lakh doses.

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