TURN THE PAGE: Lukashenko urges Belarus to write a new chapter in history

TURN THE PAGE: Lukashenko urges Belarus to write a new chapter in history

– We will definitely build Belarus of the future and it will be better than the present. To do this, we only need to send 2020 in history, but let’s not forget its lessons. All of us who see the world differently must understand that we have a common value – a piece of land in the center of Europe. We don’t have anyone else. And in the name of preserving it for children, let’s flip the pages of the past and write a new chapter of independent Belarus together – Lukashenko said in his New Year address.

He called 2021 “the year of national unity”.

– We will live according to our mind, create values ​​with our hands, nurture and take care of love, as only Belarusians can do – smart, tolerant, towards the future. And if we want to call ourselves people, we will do so – said Lukashenko.

According to the president, 2020 needed to “understand who is who, what has actually been done and to see that we are a nation that can survive in this turbulent world only when we are united.” And when we’re together. “

He said that Belarus will not return in the past.

– We do not have time to go back and go to something we have already gone through.

The Belarusian leader wished the people that 2021 would be the year of attainment of the best, brightest and purest desires with courage, endurance and patience on that path to the “patriotic homeland”.



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