Turnover in Portugal. Until sometime ago, plans to release the worst country

  Turnover in Portugal.  Until sometime ago, plans to release the worst country

Portugal soon brought the situation under control.

2. March 2021 o 21:37 T.A.S.R.

LISBON. V Portugal Fought against Coronavirus Better and hospitals on Tuesday had the least number of infected patients in the last four months. However, Prime Minister Antonio Costa has warned people to continue to follow the measures for lockdown, as they are the basis of success. Reuters reported that Portugal had the highest death rate in the world a month earlier.

Healthcare in Portugal is on the verge of falling for several weeks in January, with the highest rate of infections and deaths per 100,000 people in the world.

He quickly brought the situation under control

A nationwide lockdown introduced on January 15 quickly reduced these figures, with 38 deaths and 691 new cases of infection reported on Tuesday – compared to the average reported in October when businesses were still open.

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The DGS Health Office said on Tuesday that non-intensive care units (ICUs) were treated in 1997 patients, the lowest number since October 31, and a sharp decline from 6869 hospitalizations in early February.

The JIS had 446 patients, 23 fewer than on Monday.

According to Our World in Data portal, the total number of hospitals is the lowest since 1 November.

In front of the hospital in Lisbon, Prime Minister Costa asked people still to follow the restrictions, which would allow the gradual release of the lockdown.

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“The idea that the tragedy will not be repeated is wrong. It can happen again if someone starts repeating the behavior,” he warned.

Cannot repeat errors

Portuguese officials attributed the January jump in cases and deaths to a more contagious version of the coronavirus, which they first discovered in Britain, and admitted that loosening in restrictions on the movement before Christmas also played a role.

“We can’t make those mistakes again,” Costa said.

Plans for a slow release of the lockdown are to be announced on 11 March.

Health Minister Marta Temidova said, “More people will be vaccinated than those infected, and for this we can see with renewed hope for the future.”

Out of more than ten million people in Portugal, they have received at least one benefit Vaccines 885 109 people.


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