Two suspects of spying for Russia arrested in Latvia

Two suspects of spying for Russia arrested in Latvia

In Latvia, special services detained two people suspected of working for Russian military intelligence. He was arrested. According to Delphi, this became known at the beginning of the year from the materials of criminal cases.

According to the investigation, the detainees gave information to the Latvian Armed Forces and Russian special services about the expansion of NATO’s presence in the country. According to the Latvian State Security Service, they met with representatives of military intelligence in Russia.

According to the Latvian prosecutor’s office, one of the suspects used contacts obtained within the framework of his business activity to obtain, analyze and transmit data to Russian intelligence. The other is suspected of long-term cooperation with Moscow. Their names, as well as the positions they held in Latvia, are not reported. The unknown and exact time at which he was arrested is said to have happened only in 2021.

Earlier, the State Security Service had detained a member of the Latvian Seamus Janice Adamson. He was charged with 40 counts of espionage in favor of Russia. In December, the Latvian Seemas allowed the Prosecutor General’s Office to open a criminal case against him, removing the immunity of the deputy.

In Soviet times, Adamson served in the Sakhalin Navy and served as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence. He returned to Latvia in 1992 and was appointed Deputy Commander of the Latvian Navy. He participated in the withdrawal of Russian forces from Latvia, and was later approved by the Minister of the Interior. The court acknowledged his connection to the KGB, but Adamson retained his position as Member of Parliament.

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