Two Venezuelans found dead inside vehicles in Macao

Two Venezuelans found dead inside vehicles in Macao
Calvin José Perdomo Pacheco and Hector Antonio Angulo Marquina were killed in different vehicles in Macao. (courtesy diario del norte)

Calvin Jose Perdomo Pacheco, 37, and Hector Antonio Angulo Marquina, 32, both Venezuelan nationalities, were murdered inside different vehicles by CTI officers from the Macao Sectional Prosecutor’s Office.

The incident was recorded last Friday, May 28.

One of the bodies was found in a truck in the El Carmen neighborhood sector, while the other was found almost simultaneously, in the area of ​​the old road that connects Macao to Uribia. Officials are trying to establish whether the two cases are related.

Neighbors assured that both the cars were in the sector and several gunshots were heard, so they went out into the street. At the same time he saw a brown car running at high speed. In the same vehicle, it would be what was later found with the body of the Calvin Perdomo Shot, according to reviews from El Heraldo and Diario del Norte.

The bodies of Venezuelan citizens are in Macao Legal Medicine facilities, waiting to be claimed by their relatives.

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