Two weeks later, Joan succumbs to Rocco’s attack…

Two weeks later, Joan succumbs to Rocco's attack...

Last July, 40-year-old British woman Joan Robinson was attacked by her own dog. An assault with dramatic consequences as he died from his injuries. More than three months after the events, the victim’s mother agreed to testify before the British media.

Two weeks before the tragedy, Dot, 67, told her daughter to get rid of her American bully, as “something serious was about to happen”. Little did he know that his fear would come true later.

Joan of Doncaster, in spite of everything, considered her two dogs as her children: “I had never seen a dog as big as Rocco. He had started a fight with their other dog, Lola and I begged him to get rid of one of them,” explained the mother-in-law of one. “But she told me she couldn’t leave him.”

Following the tragedy, during which Joan’s companion was also injured while coming to her aid, Dot began a petition to ban the possession of dangerous dogs.

Let us tell you that eight people have died in dog attacks across the channel since the beginning of the year. “You will need special licenses for these large breeds,” asks Dot.

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