Typhoon Nepartak is racing for the Tokyo Olympics

Typhoon Nepartak is racing for the Tokyo Olympics

Although wind speeds are expected to reach 90 km/h, Tokyo should only be 60 km/h, but storms can also bring heavy rain. It will completely hit the areas north of the metropolis.

The unit is still approaching Japan at 15 km/h, but it could slightly lower the temperature in Tokyo, where thermometer mercury soared 34 degrees over the weekend, complicating the athletes’ race.

Hurricane In-Fa hit the Japanese island of Okinawa last week, bringing heavy rain and hitting the coast with huge waves.

The storm is now moving towards the East China Sea. With this comes heavy rains and high waves in the sea. Six people were injured in Okinawa Prefecture.

typhoon hit shanghai

On Monday, with wind speeds of 100 km/h, the storm hit Shanghai, where both airports were closed and many flights and trains were cancelled. Kindergartens, parks and historic dams are closed in the city.

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Video: Reuters

About half a million people in the area were evacuated as a precaution and other residents of Shanghai were urged not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary.

Heavy rain flooded the city’s streets and the wind brought by the typhoon tore down 30,000 trees and 268 billboards and signboards.

Floods in China’s Zhejiang Province

Photo: Reuters

The typhoon first struck China’s mainland in Zhejiang province, south of Shanghai, on Sunday, where more than 1.5 million people were evacuated.

The local government said more than 1.5 million people had been evacuated in Zhejiang province. The element is believed to have caused much damage to agriculture in the region, but no deaths or injuries have been reported.


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