UAE suspends entry for those arriving from Republic of Congo and tightens travel restrictions in several countries


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The National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management and the General Civil Aviation Authority announced the suspension of the entry of passengers from the Republic of the Congo on all flights of national and foreign carriers as well as transit passengers arriving from them until Friday. , December 17th, at 08:00 am.

This includes suspending the entry of passengers who were in the Republic of the Congo during the 14-day period prior to their arrival in the UAE, with the continuation of flights, as it would allow passengers to transfer from the UAE to these countries.

It will also allow excommunicated groups from the Republic of Congo to relocate to the UAE, with the application of precautionary measures, including UAE citizens and their first-class relatives and domestic workers sponsored by them, as well as accredited diplomats Missions are also included. Between the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Congo, official delegations and holders of the Golden Residence.

Excluded groups will be obliged to take preventive measures, including a pre-laboratory PCR test within 48 hours and a rapid “rapid-PCR” test at the airport premises within 6 hours from the time of departure, whenever If possible, in addition to a PCR laboratory examination at the airport upon arrival.

It also requires citizens of the country and their first-degree relatives, domestic workers and those sponsored by them, diplomatic missions and golden residency holders to observe a 10-day quarantine and to conduct a test on the ninth day of entering the country .

The General Authority of Civil Aviation reaffirmed that passengers arriving from the Republic of Congo via other countries should be allowed to enter the country for a period of not less than 14 days in those countries.

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It also prohibits citizens of the United Arab Emirates from traveling to the Republic of the Congo, with the exception of official state delegations, emergency treatment cases and study missions.

In addition, both officials announced new requirements for arrivals from the following countries: “Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia” via direct flights, where a pre-laboratory test (PCR) will be conducted within 48 hours. The request will be made and a Rapid “APID-PCR” test will be conducted in the airport premises within 6 hours from the departure time.

Those arriving from these countries via transit flights will also be required to conduct a pre-laboratory test PCR within 48 hours and a rapid test “Rapid-PCR” at the airport premises of the main destination. In addition to the requirement of conducting rapid examination, within 6 hours from the time of departure. -PCR” is extra in the airport premises of transit countries prior to entering the UAE.

The authority called upon all passengers affected by the decision to approach and communicate with the airlines associated with them to modify and schedule their flights to ensure safe return to their final destination without any delay or other obligations.



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