Ukraine: Bodies of more than 1500 Russian soldiers Dnipro . in the morgue

 Ukraine: Bodies of more than 1500 Russian soldiers Dnipro .  in the morgue

The city’s deputy mayor Mikhailo Lysenko said on Wednesday that the bodies of more than 1,500 Russian soldiers were kept in a morgue in Dnipro, a major industrial city in eastern Ukraine.

“Today we have more than 1,500 dead Russian soldiers in the Dnipro morgue that no one wants to recover”, He said in an interview with the Washington-funded Russian-language news outlet Nastoshchi Vermiya (present day). “They rest in the refrigerator of the morgue”, He continued, adding that he hoped “Russian mothers could come and raise their sons”.

“Whatever you think, they are someone’s children. Their mothers raised them (…), they loved them, they took them to school on September 1st”The day of the new school year in Russia, he continued.

“I have a request (…): we will arrange everything, but let the Russian mothers collect the corpses of their sons”, He, he said, appeared to address the Russian officials.

“major military loss”

Russia has been very strict about the extent of its losses since the start of its invasion of Ukraine. The latest official report, sent out on March 29, reported 1,351 people killed and 3,825 wounded, but a Kremlin spokesman acknowledged last week that the country had suffered “significant military losses”.

Dnipro, an industrial city of one million inhabitants crossed by the Dnieper River, marks the border of the country’s eastern regions and, according to experts, could be an upcoming target of the Russian military, which has re-focused the country’s east. has decided. ,


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