Ukraine: Boris Johnson Tells Vladimir Putin To Back Off The “Presippis”

Ukraine: Boris Johnson Tells Vladimir Putin To Back Off The

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday called on Vladimir Putin to step back from the “bottoms” in Ukraine given the situation “very dangerous” with a possible Russian invasion “Within the next 48 hours”.

“The situation is very dangerous and difficult, we are on the verge, but there is still time for President Putin to back down” Boris Johnson said on British television.

“We call upon all to communicate (…) to avoid a catastrophic error”she added.

Mr Johnson decided to shorten the trip to the North West of England to return to London, “Given the current situation”, a spokesman said.

Head of diplomacy Liz Truss is due to chair a crisis meeting on Monday afternoon on the consular response to the current situation, after the United Kingdom on Friday advised its citizens to leave Ukraine immediately.

Downing Street said Boris Johnson would chair an inter-ministerial crisis meeting on Tuesday after receiving information from intelligence services.

He plans to visit mainland Europe again at the end of the week, to discuss with leaders of the Nordic and Baltic countries.

And he insisted he would speak with “many leaders including Joe Biden very soon”.

He called on Western countries to “show a united front” in the current crisis, and especially Europeans, to reduce dependence on Russian gas by abandoning the Nord Stream gas pipeline between Russia and Germany.

While Kiev has accused Washington and London of alarmism about the risks of impending Russian intervention, Boris Johnson has assured that “The evidence is very clear”: “There are about 130,000 troops on the Ukrainian border and all sorts of other signs pointing to serious preparations for an invasion”.

“Signs show, as President Biden said, that at least they are planning something that can happen in the next 48 hours,” she added.

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Russia will not invade Ukraine ‘unless provoked’

Russia “Won’t invade Ukraine unless provoked”Russian Ambassador to the European Union Vladimir Tchizov said on Monday in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian.

“We will not invade Ukraine unless it is provoked to do so,” Vladimir Tchizov, who has represented Russia in Brussels since 2005.

“If Ukrainians attack Russia, you should not be surprised if we retaliate. Or if they shamelessly start killing Russian civilians from anywhere – Donbass or anywhere else”He made reference to this region of eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian separatists have been fighting Ukrainian forces for eight years. Mr. Tchaizov warned that a “provocation” Ukraine may prompt the Kremlin to act. “What I mean by provocation is that they can stage an event against the self-proclaimed republicans of the Donbass, provoke them, and then kill them with all their might, thus avoiding a catastrophe in Russia.” can provoke a reaction of humanism.Did he announce?

With more than 100,000 Russian troops thronging Ukraine’s border, fears are growing that a major conflict could break out in Europe. Russia, which already annexed Crimea in 2014 and backs pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, has consistently denied any aggressive intent. Conversely, she says she is threatened by the expansion of NATO resources in Eastern Europe and calls for “security guarantees”, in particular an assurance that Ukraine will never join NATO.


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