UN Ambassador to Myanmar fired on anti-military rhetoric

UN Ambassador to Myanmar fired on anti-military rhetoric

Myanmar’s military has fired its ambassador Kiao Mo-tun at the United Nations, asking the international community to take the hardest possible steps to oust Myanmar’s army.

Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations General Assembly, Kiao Mo-tun, said in a derogatory speech against military rule in his country that “we need the quickest possible steps from the international community to end the military coup immediately, end the torture of innocent people” Is required.” Restore state power to the people and restore democracy. “

In response, Myanmar state television reported on Saturday that she was fired. It states that they have “betrayed the country and called for an organization recognized by the government that does not represent the country.” He has abused the ambassador’s ‘power and responsibility’.

Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations gave the salute with three fingers after speaking in Burmese. The protesters raised three fingers to salute Junata in the ongoing anti-military movement in Myanmar.

At a special meeting in Myanmar, Kiao Mo Tunne also called on UN member states to issue stern statements condemning their country’s public government.

He urged the states to identify or cooperate with the military rulers of their country.

He also demanded that Junta show respect for the results of last November’s democratic elections in Myanmar.

Kiao Mo Tunne said, we will continue to fight for a democratic government; That government is the government of the people, elected by the people and runs in the interest of the people.

Representatives of the General Assembly member states welcomed the ambassador’s statement with a thunderous applause.
Linda Thomas-Greenfield, America’s special envoy to the United Nations, said in her first address to the General Assembly, President Joe Biden’s government was expressing solidarity with Myanmar protesters.
And Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun reiterated his country’s position, saying that the current state of Myanmar is an internal matter.

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Aung San Suu’s ruling party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), won a resounding victory in last November’s elections in Myanmar. But the military made allegations of electoral fraud.

He carried out a military coup in the early hours of 1 February, hours before the start of the first session of Parliament.
That day, the army, led by army chief Min Aung Hlaing, overthrew the Suu Kyi government and seized power.

A state of emergency was then declared across the country. The military arrested political leaders, including Su Chi and President Win Mint. The people of the country have continued the anti-people movement in the event of emergency.


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