UN pledges to provide frozen property to the people of Libya

UN pledges to provide frozen property to the people of Libya

Hasan al-Warfali (Bengaji, Cairo)

The Libyan Presidency Council unanimously welcomed the resolution in support of the Council and the National Unity Government at the United Nations Security Council as officials charged to lead the country until the elections were held on 24 December.
Yesterday, the UN Security Council unanimously called a resolution on 24 December to call on the relevant authorities and institutions, including the Libyan parliament, to take the measures set out in the roadmap to facilitate presidential and parliamentary elections. He promised to provide frozen Libyan property to the latter stage for the benefit of the Libyan people, and demanded the withdrawal of all armed mercenaries from Libya, from all member states to intervene or take measures. Did not say struggle.
For his part, the President of Libya called on the need to respect and support the full implementation of the ceasefire agreement, including the withdrawal of all foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya and supporting the work of the “5 + 5” Joint Military Committee Insisted. Any Libyan apparatus commanded to monitor the ceasefire.
The Security Council resolution called for legislation to be made in early July if necessary for laying a constitutional basis for elections, and for timely election preparations by the Election Commission, so as to call for a political dialogue platform to facilitate elections Can be given If necessary, citing penalties for those obstructing the election. Within a paragraph to expand the work of the council’s committee.
Libyan politician and human rights activist Muhammad Jibril al-Lafi says: The UN Security Council decision is important on a political level, as it limited the actions of the new executive authority to the need to follow the roadmap approved by the Geneva Forum, calling. On the National Integration Government to work to hold elections on 24 December next. He rejected any prejudice from the new right of armed groups stationed in the western region.
In statements by al-Etihad, al-Lafi said the presence of a UN Security Council resolution to maintain the ceasefire, open the coastal road and support Libyan military routes to foreign mercenaries, suggests The Libyan government will follow the United Nations. The proposal of the Security Council, as it supports the outcome of the understanding between the members of the Dialogue Forum. Politician in Geneva. He said that holding elections in Libya is a necessity, and that Parliament should enact laws and legislation that would help to conduct elections next December.
In addition, the head of Libya’s unity government, Abdel Hamid Dabiba, discussed phone integration with French President Emmanuel Macron on the integration of institutions and farewells to foreign forces, and the importance of holding elections on 24 December and providing services Of. Citizens of Libya.
In Athens, the President of the Presidency Council, Mohammed al-Manafi, welcomed the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias at the Libyan embassy at a later request. A statement issued by the Presidency Council stated: The Greek minister reaffirmed his country’s full support for Libya and his readiness to increase cooperation in areas of common interest. For his part, the exile praised Greece’s support for the political process in Libya, emphasized the importance of joint cooperation between the two countries in various fields, and held talks with Greek Prime Minister Kyariak Mitsotakis during the last days Praised the success. The meeting of the President of the Presidency Council with the Greek Prime Minister, which was held last Wednesday, touched on the possibility of holding talks on the demarcation of the maritime zones of the two countries in the Mediterranean Sea.

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