UN proposes that 2022 be the year of economic recovery

The Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), Antonio Guterres, in his New Year’s message asked that 2022 aim for a recovery after two years of the global Covid-19 pandemic, which has caused more than half a million deaths and a world economic crisis.

In this sense, Guterres reaffirmed that “moments of great difficulties also offer great opportunities” and called for solidarity in the face of difficulties that await the test of the future, he said.

The UN Secretary-General also said that “the world welcomes 2022, our hopes for the future are tested,” Guterres cited rising poverty, unequal distribution of Covid-19 vaccines, the inadequacy of climate commitments, as well as conflict Giving accepted. , division and misinformation, in the form of political and moral trials that the world faces.

Similarly, he added that such events are “tests that humanity can overcome if we commit to make 2022 a recovery year for the entire world.”

To achieve a post-pandemic recovery, Guterres called for a “bold plan to vaccinate all people, everywhere” and for wealthy countries to “finance and invest their debt as well as support the developing world.” to reduce”.

In this sense, Guterres presented an update on the UN’s response to the pandemic during a press conference to take stock of the year on 16 December, stating that the “vaccine hoarding strategy, the vaccine nationalism strategy or strategy”. Vaccine diplomacy has failed. This new edition is showing that failure. So my hope is that countries understand that from now on we have to find a common way to deal with the pandemic or we will all be victims of it.”

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To address mistrust and division, Guterres conditioned for a “new emphasis on science, facts and logic” in his first message for 2022.

He also stressed that a “new sense of dialogue, commitment and reconciliation” will be necessary to address conflicts, while the climate emergency calls for commitments “that are commensurate with the magnitude and urgency of the crisis.”

He concluded that “what our human family can achieve is to move forward with hope. Let us all together aim for the recovery of 2022.”


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