Under 10 percent of Americans have Covid-19 antibodies, the study finds

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The upheaval in these neighborhoods is similar to the first major virus challenge for the city after months of declining or flat numbers. Now the worry is that if there is an outbreak in the Orthodox community it could start occupying another, with more serious consequences. If the city’s overall positivity rate is one percent, it will trigger a new lockdown, including the closure of public schools.

A visit to Borough Row Park showed how the rules are ignored. The outbreak devastated New York’s Orthodox Jewish community in March and April, but this week barely made a face-to-face appearance, as if the epidemic had never occurred.

In other US news:

  • In the countryside Minnesota, A coronavirus survey was discontinued The state health department said that after several incidents of “intimidation and screaming of racial and ethnic groups” by workers going from house to house by residents. An average of 900 cases were reported daily in the state last week, According to the New York Times database.

  • Joining a number of colleges taking disciplinary action against Greek institutions violating health regulations, Indiana University The brother was forced to shut down during the coming summer because it held a big event in which people did not wear face masks or keep social distance. Comrades, Alpha Epsilon Pie, agreed to close its chapter house in Bloomington.

  • Two former leaders of A. Massachusetts The retired homeowner was charged Charges of criminal negligence At least 76 residents of the facility died of coronavirus, the state’s attorney general said Friday. Bennett Walsh, 50, and David, 71. David Clinton was indicted by a state grand jury on Thursday on charges related to his work at the home of a public soldier in Holyos, Malis. Each person was convicted on five counts, and specific charges were for caregivers who allowed “reckless or negligent” or caused bodily injury and abuse, neglect or abuse of an elderly or disabled person.

  • Major U.S. Stock index All rose on Friday, but the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones industrial average still recorded fourth-week losses. The Dow closed 1.34 percent higher for the day, but down 1.8 percent for the week, and the S&P 500 ended 1.6 percent higher, but with a 0.6 percent loss for the week. The Nasdaq, which rose 2.26 percent on Friday, rose 1.1 percent in the week after ending the previous three-week low.

  • Governor of Ralph Northham Virginia On Friday, he and his wife, Pamela Northeim, tested positive for the virus, he said. Democrat Mr. Northeim said he felt better while his wife was experiencing mild symptoms. Republican, Missouri Govt. Mike Parsons announced Thursday that he and his wife Teresa have tested positive. Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, Republican, Infected with a virus In July.

  • A federal judge banned the ban The Trump administration From the end 2020 census At the beginning of a month, Years of fighting census were delayed for months due to a recent disorder or epidemic in the last years of the political and legal war. U.S. for the Northern District of California. District Court Judge Lucy H. Koh Issued an initial order Friday will prevent the administrator from reducing the count to 30 September, one month before the scheduled completion date of Oct. 31.

  • In Boulder, Colo., Public health officials have banned social gatherings of any size and issued “stay-home t-home” orders for all people between the ages of 18 and 22. The recent boom in the reopening of the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus has been blamed. Aug. 24, noted that 78 percent of new virus cases in the county were in that age group. Command Will be in effect until at least 8 Oct October.

  • Less than a week before indoor dining resumed in New York City, Mayor de Blasio said the city’s Outdoor dining program Will be permanent and year-round. Restaurants will have the option to close their outdoor areas, but if they do, they will have to stick to 25 percent capacity indoor dining restrictions, the mayor said.

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