United States: A close aide of Joe Biden resigns

United States: A close aide of Joe Biden resigns

White House communications director Kate Bedingfield announced yesterday that she would soon be stepping down. The departure comes in a tense social context in the United States four months before the midterm election.

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TookHe will soon step down as communications director for Joe Biden, an early supporter of the US president, the White House announced on Wednesday, a marked departure after four months from the dreaded midterm elections.

The US executive said the kingpin of Joe Biden’s campaign, then-director of communications for the Democratic president, Kate Bedingfield, will leave the White House at the end of July “to spend more time with her husband and young children.”

“Without Kate Bedingfield’s talent and perseverance, Donald Trump could still be in the White House,” lauded Joe Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klein. “She will continue to be instrumental in advancing Biden’s agenda from the outside,” he said.

Resignations are not uncommon in the midterm within the White House. But after this loyalist’s departure among Democratic leader loyalists, many US media report laxity within the executive.

The White House has not announced who will defend an unpopular Joe Biden, increasingly attacked by the Progressive camp for his helplessness in the face of a federal revocation of abortion rights and a shootings trial that mourned America.

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