United States – Three Sri Lankan prosecutions in Los Angeles in 2019 attacks

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The Islamic State organization carried out simultaneous attacks in Sri Lanka, killing 268 people during the Easter holiday in April 2019.

The Islamic State group retaliated after the Western coalition’s actions against the group in Syria and claimed responsibility for these attacks.


The US Department of Justice on Friday blamed three Sri Lankans accused of supporting terrorism by the Islamic State (IS) organization in Sri Lanka for their involvement in the attacks in 2019, killing 268 people.

The United States Department of Justice said that three people were part of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group in Sri Lanka, responsible for the attack on three churches and three in three luxury hotels at the time of Easter Christian holiday on April 21, 2019. city. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attacks, rebuking them after the Western coalition’s actions against the group in Syria. Five Americans were among the dead.

Discovered in Sri Lanka

The US federal prosecutor in Los Angeles, Nick Hanna, assured in a statement that “the United States believes in the ability of Sri Lankan authorities to bring justice to the perpetrators of these attacks”, currently under house arrest in their country.

The three accused are: Mohammed Naufer, known as the “second emir”, who is the recruiter and trainer of the Islamic State organization in Sri Lanka, Mohammad Anwar Mohammad Riskan, who allegedly helped make the bombs used and Ahaan Milan Hayathu Mohammed, who committed the murder. According to the US Department of Justice, a policeman in the attack.

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