Unprecedented flooding washed away roads, bridges and homes in Yellowstone National Park (VIDEO)

Le parc national de Yellowstone est fermé aux visiteurs à cause d'inondations records.

Yellowstone National Park in the United States is closed to visitors for several days. natural park officials; The state, which spans the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, was forced to make this decision at the start of the summer season after “unprecedented” and “record” flooding. The flood destroyed bridges and roads, making it very dangerous to enter Yellowstone, especially to the north of the park.

“Our first priority is to clear the northern section, where we have many faulty roads and bridges, mud and other issues,” park manager Cam Sholey said in a statement written by The Guardian. Videos posted on social media show the gravity of the loss. We notably see a metal bridge being carried away by the waves, as well as a house located on the bank of the river. Many Americans living on the edge of the park can no longer reach their homes, with access roads leading to it being eroded by torrents.

Five access roads to Yellowstone have been blocked since Monday, and should remain so through Thursday. This is the first time since 1988 that the park has had to close its doors to visitors. The place was devastated by forest fires that year.

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