US Congress Approves $ 1.9 Trillion Joe Biden Tax Bailout


The US House of Representatives on Wednesday approved a $ 1.9 trillion tax avoidance package initiated by the president, Joe Biden, Which is designed to ease the crisis caused by the epidemic and includes a new round of direct transfers to citizens.

The proposal, which had already been approved by the Senate and which has gone ahead with the frontal rejection of the Republican opposition, now moves to the White House, where Biden is expected to ratify it on Friday.

The end result was 211 votes against all Democrats, and all Republicans, and a progressive legislator.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the tax bailout “one of the most decisive and transformational laws for Americans” with tremendous consequences.

Biden celebrated the approval by stating that it gives workers a “chance”.

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The bill includes new direct payments of $ 1,400 for taxpayers with incomes under $ 75,000 per person, amounts in excess of $ 600, and $ 1200 checks issued in previous incentive packages.

It also increases unemployment benefits by $ 300 a week until the beginning of September, as the current funds expire on March 14, the deadline in both the White House and Democrats’ houses was set to complete the project.

Additionally, the package included $ 350 billion for state and local governments, $ 170 billion to reopen schools, $ 14 billion to strengthen the vaccination plan, and $ 46 billion for a test system to detect coronaviruses. Has been allocated.

The Biden-promoted bailout will join the $ 900 billion bailout, which Congress pushed in December and the $ 2.2 trillion bailout, in March 2020, the largest in the nation’s history, headed by Republican Donald Trump.

*** With information from AFP.


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