US considers reports of Eritrean forces in Ethiopia’s Tigris region ‘credible’: report

US considers reports of Eritrean forces in Ethiopia's Tigris region 'credible': report

U.S. officials believe reports from Eritrean forces in Ethiopia’s Tigris region are “credible,” a State Department spokesman said. Said Reuters.

Reuters first reported Tuesday that U.S. government sources and five regional diplomats had been informed that Eritrean troops were helping Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed Ahmed’s government fight the region’s opposition group, the Tigre People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

However, both Ethiopia and Eritrea Attendance denied Eritrean forces in the field.

“We are aware of credible reports of Eritrean military involvement in Tigre and see this as a serious development. We urge the immediate withdrawal of any such force, “the spokesman told the News Service.

On Tuesday, the Wire Service reported that a senior diplomat from another country reported that there were thousands of Eritrean forces in the area.

The department noted reports of human rights violations by the Eritrean government, both locally and in Tigre.

“We are also aware of reports of human rights violations and abuse in the region. All parties must respect human rights and international humanitarian law, “a spokesman for the department told Reuters. “We and other international partners continue to request independent investigations of reports and liability for what we consider to be responsible.”

The U.S. considers Ethiopia an ally in the East African region, and Washington has in the past accused Shingt of human rights abuses, including imprisoning political opponents in Eritrea and forcing civilians into long-term government or military positions.

Abia won the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize for her role in the peace process with Eritrea, but Eritrean troops crossing the border could exacerbate concerns and conflicts with Western allies, according to the news service.

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Abi and Eritrean President Isaiah Afwerki agreed to end two decades of conflict in 2018 and unite against the rebel group TPLF in the northern region.

Abi said last week that some troops had retreated to the Eritrean border at the start of the conflict but that the European army had refused to enter Ethiopia.

According to Reuters, Eritrean Foreign Minister Usman Saleh called the reports “propaganda.”


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