US intelligence says Russian troops have been ordered to invade Ukraine

Les renseignements américains affirment que les troupes russes ont reçu l'ordre d'envahir l'Ukraine

It was information that would have prompted President Biden to say on Friday that he was “convinced” that Putin had decided to attack Ukraine, assured the Washington Post, without quoting the information directly from unnamed sources. held responsible for.

Asked by AFP, the White House, the Pentagon and the State Department have not confirmed or denied the information, which has also been circulated by other US media.

On Friday, a Pentagon official assured that more than 40% of the massive Russian forces on Ukraine’s borders were now under attack, noting that the Russian-led phase of the country’s destabilization had “beginned” Was.

The official said the movement of Russian troops towards the Ukrainian border has been observed since Wednesday.

Washington has been warning for weeks that Russia would cause an incident on the Ukrainian border to justify an invasion of Ukraine. On Sunday, head of diplomacy Antony Blinken reassured that “everything” indicated that Russia was “on shortfall” of attacking Ukraine.

Russia denies any plans to attack but demands guarantees for its security such as the withdrawal of NATO from Eastern Europe, a number of demands rejected by the West.

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