US, Japan, South Korea plan to hold a meeting of ministers to deal with China

'สหรัฐ - ญี่ปุ่น - เกาหลีใต้' เล็งจัดประชุม รมต. รับมือ ‘จีน - โสมแดง’

March 28, 2021


The United States, Japan and South Korea are preparing to hold a three-way meeting of foreign ministers in April to counter Chinese influence. And cope with North Korea

Kyodo news agency quoted sources as saying that America japan AndSouth Korea Preparing to arrangeForeign Ministers’ Meeting Three parties, scheduled to be held in late April. In the United States, and the main topic of the meeting may be policy cooperation with China and North Korea.

If such a meeting actually takes place, it will be the first meeting since President Joe Biden officially took office in January.

The plan shows that the importance of 3-party cooperation has been enhanced.North Korea North Korea began testing another missile after a gap of one year.

The meeting will be held between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Moteki and South Korean Foreign Minister Chung Uyeong.

But the meeting could be a hindrance as political relations between Japan and South Korea are at their lowest level in decades. During the long struggle for compensation during World War.

Also, Japan and South Korea have a different view of China. Japan has expressed clear concerns about China’s stance in the region, such as the sea.ChinaBut South Korea took a more cautious stance as China is the largest trading partner and one of the main parameters in the North and South Korea peace talks.

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