US journalist jailed in Myanmar released

US journalist jailed in Myanmar released

The United States has condemned the “unreasonable” detention of Feinster and called for his release; Ignoring the call, the 38-year-old journalist was convicted on Friday of abetment to treason, violating immigration laws and colluding with illegal organisations.

Frontier Myanmar has confirmed the release of the American journalist, the managing editor of the online magazine. The news site also reported that Fenster was on a flight from Myanmar. However, he was not told where he was going.

Myanmar’s junta spokesman Major General J. Min Tun also confirmed to the BBC that Fenster would be allowed to leave the country.

In May of this year, Feinster was arrested at the airport while trying to return to the United States from Myanmar; He is being held in Yangon’s infamous Insein prison.

Feinster is one of the few people and journalists who have been detained since the February military coup in Myanmar. In addition to indicting the journalist in the United States last Friday, Fenster was also charged with violating the Terrorism Act and being involved in a conspiracy to overthrow the government.

Bill Richardson, a former US ambassador to Myanmar and a negotiator on the release of prisoners, talks about Fenstar’s release. Richardson said in a statement that Finster would return home via Qatar.

American journalist sentenced to 11 years in Myanmar

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