US Republicans Want Strict Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2 Builders / Article /

US Republicans Want Strict Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2 Builders / Article /

American Republicans are trying to impose strict restrictions on companies involved in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Noted senator Ted Cruz has announced that he will withhold the approval of the new director of the Central Intelligence Agency until President Joe Biden’s administration reports on sanctions imposed on Russia and Germany gas pipeline companies and vessels Does not give

US Republicans are pushing for strict restrictions on Nord Stream 2 buildersArtom Konohov

William Bourne, a candidate for director of the Central Intelligence Agency elected by US President Joe Biden, has become a hostage in a political battle between Republican and Democratic politicians.

Texas influential Senator Ted Cruz announced on Friday night that he would exercise his right to suspend further approvals from Burns until Congress on the restrictions imposed on companies and vessels involved in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline Did not report to .

The Senate Intelligence Committee has already unanimously endorsed Burns’ candidacy. He has previously served as the US Ambassador to Russia, as well as a number of other important positions. In more than 30 years, the Senate has supported Burns’ nomination to various positions five times, and there is still no doubt that he will eventually obtain the consent of the senators.

However, Cruz is using this strategy to pressure the Baden administration, to crack down on the construction of a gas pipeline between Russia and Germany in the Baltic Sea.

After a lapse of nearly a year due to previous sanctions against the project, Russia is now trying to complete the pipeline as an urge to use its own instead of foreign vessels. It is believed that the construction work may be completed in September.

The name Baltis has not yet commented on Kruja’s move. However, Biden had previously criticized the Nord Stream 2 project, saying that it would not benefit Europe. But unlike his predecessor, the new president wants to work more closely with Europe. This is why Mr Biden clearly does not want to start approving the project important to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

As you know, Merkel and her colleagues continue to protect this pipeline. There are also arguments that in this way Germany can compensate Russia for the losses suffered during World War II.

The US State Department has so far banned only one vessel involved in the construction of the pipeline. However, US lawmakers opposing the project believe at least 15 are involved in shipbuilding. The State Department is preparing to submit its next report to the Congress in mid-May.

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