US-Ukrainian warship exercises in the Black Sea, Russia monitored

US-Ukrainian warship exercises in the Black Sea, Russia monitored

The United States and Ukraine conduct Sea Breeze exercises with the participation of more than 30 countries in the Black Sea, which the Russian military said is closely monitoring.

The Sea Breeze 2012 naval exercise began today and will last two weeks in the region of southern Ukraine and part of the Black Sea, involving 30 warships, 40 aircraft and about 4,000 Ukrainian troops. United States and NATO countries. The US destroyer USS Ross landed at Odessa port in Ukraine to participate in this operation.

The exercise helps in improving synergy between the air forces, navies and armies of the participating countries. The drill scenario revolves around the risk of an outbreak of crisis caused by armed groups in Ukraine’s territory, which requires coalition countries to deploy forces to stabilize the situation.

The destroyer USS Ross in the port of Odessa on June 27. Image: Reuters.

US Navy spokesman Captain Kyle Gantt said the large number of participating countries showed a shared commitment to ensuring free access to international waters.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that it is monitoring the movements of international ships participating in the exercise. The Russian Army deployed 10 warships to oversee the Sea Breeze 2019 exercise.

The campaign has started amid rising tensions between NATO and Russia over the Black Sea. Last week a Russian border patrol boat fired several warning shots at the British destroyer HMS Defender after it entered waters 12 nautical miles south of Crimea.

Sea Breeze is an annual naval exercise conducted by NATO in the Black Sea since 1997. Last year’s event saw the participation of more than 20 warships, several aircraft and about 2,000 soldiers from Ukraine, the US, Bulgaria, Georgia. , Norway, Romania, Spain and Turkey.

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Amid deteriorating bilateral relations, NATO has steadily expanded its presence in the East with exercises and dispatches forces close to the Russian border since 2014. Moscow has repeatedly protested, saying the action undermines regional stability and leads to a new arms race, warning that it will respond accordingly.

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