Venezuela: Freddy Guevara freed by Nicolas Maduro regime – Venezuela – International

Venezuela: Freddy Guevara freed by Nicolas Maduro regime - Venezuela - International

Venezuelan authorities released the former opposition deputy this Sunday Freddy Guevara, a close ally of leader Juan Guaidó, in Mexico two days after the process of talks between the opposition and the government began.

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Guevara, who was detained for more than a month and accused by the prosecutor’s office of having links with paramilitary forces, said after his release that He was unaware of the “conditions” of his freedom.

“I’m not clear about what the measures are (…)

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former deputy He does not know whether his freedom is due to human means or whether he must participate in dialogue as a means of coercion to leave.

“We have to find a solution to the crisis. Despite the whole situation, Venezuela needs a negotiated solution,” he said.

His lawyer, Omar Mora Tosta, explains that he does not know what the remedy for release is based on. “They called us: ‘Come get her, and off we go,'” he said.

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From this Monday, They would have to go to court to find out what the measures included, which could be a filing arrangement of every 30 days.

According to Spanish newspaper WorldMaduro has “offered that Guevara join the talks that began on Friday with the opposition in Mexico City instead of Carlos Vecchio.”

he added that Maduro does not accept talks with Vecchio Because he is the ambassador of Juan Guaidó, who is recognized by dozens of countries as interim president.

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for its part, bloomberg He reviewed: “Guevara, 35, will be allowed to return home and is expected to represent Guaido when government and opposition representatives meet in Mexico City in the coming weeks.”

Guevara, a deputy elected in 2015, was arrested on 12 July by the security forces of Nicolás Maduro’s government and was being held at El Helicoid in Caracas. His family had informed him that his health was deteriorating.

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His relatives had asked for humanitarian measures The cardiac arrhythmia occurred to the MP and worsened after overcoming Covid-19.

At first, Tosta denounced that he was not able to speak with the politician. Furthermore, they were not allowed to access his file, infringing on the right to defence.

* EFE and El Universal (Venezuela) / GDA . with information


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