Venezuela reaffirms principles of sovereignty and self-determination – Escambray

Venezuela reaffirms principles of sovereignty and self-determination - Escambray

Venezuela’s foreign minister has dismissed statements from President Joe Biden’s special adviser on the possibility of pressing for “free and fair elections” in the South American nation.

“Biden’s advisers haven’t learned from Trump’s resounding failure in Venezuela,” said Jorge Arreza. (Photo: PL)

This Monday, Secretary of State Jorge Arreza reaffirmed Venezuela’s principles of sovereignty and self-determination in the face of repeated pressure from the United States government to intervene in the country’s political affairs.

In a message posted to the social network Twitter, Arreza dismissed statements by US official Juan González, special adviser to President Joe Biden, on the possibility of pressuring the South American nation to hold “free and fair elections”.

‘Biden’s advisers have not learned from (Donald) Trump’s tremendous failure in Venezuela. They do not understand that we are a free people who do not come under any pressure,’ wrote the External Affairs Minister on the communication platform.

Venezuela’s foreign minister insisted that his country had “free and fair elections,” while “the United States has doubts about it,” he stressed.

Venezuela will vote on November 21 to elect the country’s 23 governors and 335 mayors, as well as members of regional legislative councils and municipal councils.

The renewal of the National Electoral Council and the call for elections were part of agreements on the National Dialogue Table set up in September 2019 between Nicolás Maduro’s government and various opposition parties.

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