Victim of daily national rally boycott? This report is due, according to schedule

Quotidien victime d'un boycott du Rassemblement national ? Ce reportage en est la cause, selon l'émission

Between Quotidien, the program aired on TF1 and hosted by Yann Barthes, and the National Rally, the atmosphere has been snowy for several years. You have to go back ten years, when the show was still called “Le Petit Journal” to understand the origins of the tension.

In March 2012, as part of the presidential election, Marine Le Pen was interviewed for the first time by Yann Barthes. Exercise is difficult for Jean-Marie Le Pen’s daughter, who is at times unstable. The show team will also follow her throughout the day, in her office, in her car… She seems uncomfortable at times, but smiles.

In October 2013, the right-wing party broke ties with the newspaper. Marine Le Pen conducts an exchange with the citizens of a retirement home to discuss pensions. Present on the spot, the journalists of the Petit Journal actually find that it is a staging: some of the speakers, considered “ordinary citizens”, are actually elected members of the party. In addition, his questions were drafted in advance, as well as the answers of the party president.

After this incident, the team of Yann Barthes was not given any further filming authorization.

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